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Our Story

Back in 2012, Remypatra Hair Industries used to be the same as other Hair Extensions manufacturers from China and India. That is when our CEO, Mr. Raj Prince Singh, came from Canada after pursuing his Masters and joined the Family Business. He observed the work here, and he felt that a lot needed to be changed in this business. He took Quantum leaps to significantly disrupt this sector. “Ignited minds think alike”. This is where our entire journey from 2012 to become the only company to provide high-quality hair extensions and raw hair began. And these 9 years have been an era of change and brilliance.

Slow Bleaching and Cold Dyeing Bath was already being done in India for ages, for the Cashmere Wool Bleaching and Dyeing in our textile sector here. This ancient technique is now being followed by us to bleach and dye our Remy Hair Extensions.

Under the guidance of our CEO, we trained our laborers and staff for Slow Depigmentation and Cold bath Science and leveled up our Hair manufacturing standards and practices. Matching shoulder to shoulder with Italian and Russian Manufacturers, we have outperformed many companies from Europe, the UK, and the USA, backed by Italy and China.

This has been solely possible due to our Superior Hair Quality, Mass Scale Production, and most of all, our Loyal Commitment to our Clients and Distributors.

We are now the only Raw Hair Indian manufacturer in India that makes 190+ shades in Double Drawn Full Cuticle Hair. With our collaboration with Miss Viktoria Singh, we can now get unprocessed and organic Slavic Hair from Eastern European countries, too. We are making the Diamond Quality with this hair; it is the most premium quality you can get on the planet.

We do over $30 Million sales per year and are ready to accommodate more distributors, wholesalers, salons, and private labeling companies, provided that they follow our payment procedure, order guidelines, and a few other production constraints. In business, we believe in Privacy and sign Exclusivity with Non-Disclosure Agreements, depending on the volume of your purchase.

What makes us unique from other competitors


Years of experience and successful growth


Millions of distribution in a year


A unique
partner for your success


Areas of expertise to reach your expectations


Experienced, dedicated and multicultural staff and workers


International distributors and wholesale operators all around the world


Mastery in blonde science - the right shade of blonde extensions for you

With years of experience in manufacturing hair extensions and wigs, RemyPatra has mastered the science of blonde hair.

By-   remmy Patra      Dec. 27, 2021