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Mastery in blonde science - the right shade of blonde extensions for you

With years of experience in manufacturing hair extensions and wigs, RemyPatra has mastered the science of blonde hair.

By-   remmy Patra      Dec. 27, 2021

Mastery in blonde science - the right shade of blonde extensions for you. 

With years of experience in manufacturing hair extensions and wigs, RemyPatra has mastered the science of blonde hair. Having studied over 190 shades of blonde hair, we know just the right shade that blends well with your hair type and skin tone. 

We carefully manufacture and craft natural-looking shades of blonde hair with Cashmere wool bleaching and the science of dyeing. RemyPatra has expertise in double-drawing the diverse shades of blonde hair and blends well with non-caucasian skin tones.

Making blonde hair extensions suitable for the non-caucasian skin types is tricky! To choose a shade, it is important to understand the tone and undertone of the skin, as well as the color of the eyes. 

1. Shades for warm-toned skin: If your skin has a yellow, bronze, gold, or olive undertone, warm shades such as peachy blonde, strawberry blonde, butterscotch blonde, or honey blonde are perfect for you. Strictly avoid brassy shades as they can give your skin an orangey hue, and ashy shades as they can look unnatural and off. 

2. Shades for cool-toned skin: If your skin has a pink undertone, then it can perfectly pull off shades such as sandy blonde, ash blonde, or beige blonde. Avoid warm shades such as strawberry blonde as they will increase the reddishness in your look. 


If you have a neutral undertone, you must pick your shade of blonde depending on the melanin in your skin. 

1. Shades for darker skin: Unlike popular opinion, dark skin can look great with blonde hair, if one picks the right shade. Dark blonde hues such as honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and caramel blend the best with darker skin tones. Avoid silvery colors such as platinum blonde and ash blonde. 

2. Shades for lighter skin: Light skin tones are the ones that can pull off a wide range of blonde shades. However, the best ones include golden blonde, dirty blonde, ginger blonde, and strawberry blonde. For naturally light skin that has been tanned, shades like platinum blonde look very attractive. While there aren’t many shades to avoid, one must still watch out for shades that make their skin look too reddish. 


3 Steps to test the quality of hair extensions: RemyPatra Hair

RemyPatra Hair recommends three essential steps to test the quality of a hair extension. They are as follows:

Step One: Smoothness Test

Wash it with a shampoo in warm water to eliminate any silicone. This is a crucial step especially when the hair extensions are from China.  Now, use a finger to check the smoothness of the hair. If it feels rough while moving upwards (towards the extension clip) and silky while moving downwards, it reveals that the hair has a cuticle and is not acid-processed. Remy Hair is unique as it has a natural texture and quality, unlike acid processed hair extensions. 

Step two: Swell Test

After step one, notice whether the hair swells up after drying. The swelling occurs if the hair cuticle has been stripped off while processing it with acid, pointing to the fact that it is a non-Remy acid processed hair. Examine the hair cuticle once more with a slightly damp finger; it should feel rough upwards near the extension clip and smooth downwards toward the end. This cuticle, similar to a fish scale nourishes and preserves the hair for months. In about one to two months, cuticle-free hair will entangle, mattify, and so on.

Step Three: Strength Test

Test each strand of hair to see if it is elastic and stretches before breaking. The virgin hair is the strongest, whereas blonde hair is often relatively weaker.  Dampen the ends of the blonde hair and pull on the end area to test if the hair breaks effortlessly. Checking elasticity is the best way to ensure the strength and quality of the hair strands. 


RemyPatra Hair is a high-quality, smooth, strong, and natural hair that is not processed in acid, unlike most commonly found brands.