Main Products for Caucasian Salons

Quality and Consistency

Blonde Hand Tied Hair Extensions and Hand Wefts , and Hand Tied Wefts for the Caucasian Clients.

Unlike Manufacturers India and Asia, notorious for Substandard Quality and numerous Quality Issues , we are well known for our HIGH QUALITY WORK. Consistency is what BINDS us to our Clientele, and Ethics is what keeps our collaborations Happy and Fruitful.

Double Drawn Hair

Double Drawn Hair , Hand Tied Hair Extensions, Hand Wefted Hair for Blonde Hair and Hand Tied Wefts.

We are specialists in Right Hair Ratios in the Double Drawn Hair.

30% Long Hair Ratio.

50% Long Hair Ratio.

70% Long Hair Ratio.


Experts in Hand Tied Hair Methods.


Over 8 Different kind of Hand Tied Knots and Customization Options. Over 192 Shades , very similar to Loreal and the Hair Shades followed in the UK, USA and European Market.

We are PERFECTIONISTS in the Hand Tied Hair, you can effortlessly rely on us ! Take the First Leap of Faith !

Double Wefts and Single Wefts


We can make Double Wefts and Single Wefts in ANY Hair Ratio, Texture, Color and Length; you name it and IT IS YOURS. Your collaboration is needed in the MOQ part, rest we can handle everything.

We have 192 Main Shades, Highlights, Balayages, 2 Tones and 3 tones.

Hand Tied Wefts, Pre-Bonded Hair and More !


Hair Extensions made with Italian Keratin , imported for AMF Italia, our Italian Partner.

We can make U TIP, I TIP, FLAT TIP, V Tip and Much more.

Hair Pieces

Hair pieces , Great lengths Volimisers, Frontals , Closures and Wigs.

Hair Pieces, Closures, Frontals and many other products , Developed to #613 shade and many other shades.