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Greetings From Remy Patra Hair

Welcome to Remy Patra Hair. We are delighted that you chose to know more about us. As you may know by now, we are a Hair Manufacturing firm with a core focus on providing our clients with the Highest quality, 100% Authentic Virgin Remy Hair, Hair Extensions and Wigs.

We have been in this business for the past 24 years, in which we have learnt the truth about our industry. Authenticity and Ethically sourced Hair manufacturers are rare.

What Makes us Different?

We are a global and versatile Hair Extensions Brand with a core focus on Ethical Sourcing & crafting High-Quality Hair for our customers. One of our whole division is dedicated to Quality Checks for not only the products but the way with which that product is made available to us and our clients.

Are you a Distributor looking for 100% Authentic Remy Hair?

Hair Extensions are a rage. Celebrities, students, working professionals almost everyone is using hair extensions these days to get the hairstyle they have wished for.

We are guessing that you have realized this and are a distributor or a Salon owner/worker looking to buy some quality hair for your Hair Styling Portfolio.

What should I know before buying Remy Patra Hair?

We are exclusive Hair Manufacturer who provide High-Quality Hair to limited and Seasoned Clients who have been in this industry for quite a while.

    ✔ Minimum Order $ 25,000 (the net amount is dependent on the client's region)

    ✔ 100% Human Remy Hair and made in premium quality

    ✔ Many of our products are best-sellers in the market and #1 trade show sellers.

    ✔ We have a wide selection of Hair Extensions in various lengths and colours ranging from light to dark and mixed colours.

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